If due to bad weather and wind conditions, we will postpone or cancel the Tamzecalli Sweat Lodge based on our own discretion. this is to ensure safety of people and land.

“The most powerful tool of a warrior of love is humility”
Xiuh Janiki Veeus

TEMAZCALLI (the womb home or the vapour house)

tetl-stone mazitli-hot      calli-house      temaztli-vapor of water

Physically, the temazcal is a small dome construction in which interior holds red hot volcanic rocks; were medicinal tea is given to grandparents stones. This water turning into vapor “atlachinolli”, while cleansing, activating and purifying our bodies from toxins through sweat, it also strength’s our hearts, pumps our blood, heal illness, builds resilience, develops our perception, opens our mind and hearts, is a meeting house were community find solutions to problems, meditate, is a learning house where families and communities share wisdom, oral tradition, connections and culture.

Spiritually, the temazcal is a sacred temple for cosmological experience. It represents the womb of the mother earth “tonantzin tlalli”-“papatuanuku”-“pachamama”-“earth mother” from which we all come to be born into light. Through ceremony, the temazcal aims to change our perception of the physical, mental and spiritual energetic fields. (without ceremony the sweat lodge can not be call temazcal). Whoever comes inside a temazcal, enters to the time of creation, where symbolically we die to be reborn again.

Important notice:

By registering (during the festival) participants take responsibility of their physical and mental health through the experience of temazcal. Any result that maybe counterproductive on their well being is their responsibility.

CAUTION: In general anyone can enter a temazcalli, no matter age, gender, sex, including new borns. Pregnant women are only allowed to go in after the second trimester of pregnancy. However it could be counterproductive to people suffering from low and high pressure, claustrophobia, hypoglycemia, diabetes, schizophrenia, dehydration and first trimester of pregnancy.

ADVICE: Do not eat heavy food 2 hours before entering the temazcalli or light food before one hour. Make sure you drink plenty water during the day.

DO NOT TAKE DRUGS, MEDICINAL PLANTS OR ALCOHOL before entering temazcalli. (Thus can cause brain damage, including DEATH.

People with contagious illnesses require an individual session separate from the collective.

“The temazcalli is a sacred home, its the place were we all come from and the place that we long for. Here we can be reborn. LETS BECOME ONE!!!”

- Great attitude (open, humble, joyful)
- Towel
- Pareo
- Healing drums, shakers or músic instruments